Refund Policy

Refund policy

Return / Refund policy

This return and refund policy indicates the context in which you are eligible for a return and/or a refund on your order. This policy covers our online sales.

If you have any question that is not covered by this policy, you may contact our customer service and support team directly through live chat or email.

We understand that you might change your mind. As such, you can return unopened items ordered but you have to pay for shipping, within 30 days of delivery. The 30-day window starts on the day you effectively receive the item at your delivery location.

If you pass that date we cannot offer you a refund or exchange.

To notify us of your return, please contact our customer support team through email.

Once we are informed of your intent to return your order, you will have 7 days to send us back the item from the date of your return notification to us.

Upon receipt of the returned item, we will fully examine it and notify you via email, If it has been used, than we cannot offer you a refund.

If product has a defect or is damaged than we will pay for the shipping along with a full refund.

If you return unused product within the timeframe, you will get a full refund on the product cost.


When will I receive my refund?

We will proceed with the refund upon receipt of the returned product. We will inspect the product and if it is used than we won't process the refund. 

How much will the refund be?

The refund will cover your order amount excluding shipping cost.


For any question regarding our return policy, please reach out to our customer service team through email at info@theslipcovercompany.com.