We answer the most frequently asked questions here.


- How do I fit my slipcover on my sofa?

It is very easy to fit your slipcover. Simply watch this step-by-step video guide and you should be all set!



- How many different sizes are there?

Slipcovers come in three sizes. Sofa (three seater), love seat (two seater), and chair (one seater). Slipcovers also come for dining room chairs and other various items. Our sofas are from 84" to 96" from outside arm to outside arm, love seat from 60" to 72" and chairs from 30" to 42".


- Can slipcovers be washed?

Absolutely, almost all slipcovers can be washed. See label.


- What are the variations in slipcovers?

The variations are style, materials or fabric and color.


- What is the difference between a slipcover and a slipover?

 A slipcover is more formatted to the shape of the furniture item. Slipover is more of a looser fit and a throw is a single large cover which you shape to your furniture item.


- What other products do you carry?

We offer slipcovers, slipovers, throws, dining chair covers, pillows, daybed covers, headboard covers, pet covers, car covers and other special items.


- Can slipcovers protect my furnitures from animals?

Yes, slipcovers can help protect your furniture, try our pet covers.


 - Where does my order gets shipped from?

If ordered on the website, the products are directly shipped to you from our factory in Los Angeles, California.


- Are the pillow covers offered on the site filled or empty?

Both. We offer option to buy filled pillows or pillows shell that are not filled.



- Do you ship internationally?

No, we do not ship internationally.


- Can I buy your products in a retail store?

Our products are sold by many of the largest retailers in the United States.


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