Fitting Guide
Here's how you can go about measuring your furniture;

If you're unsure about the fit. If your furniture appears larger or bulkier in full size. Round up to the larger dimensions.

To measure the seat length, calculate the length of all seat cushions between the arms. Measure the seat height from the floor to the top of the seat cushion.

For determining overall furniture length, measure from base left to right, approximately 4 inches below the seat cushion. Find out how far apart the arms are at their widest point. Measure side depth at the bottom level of the seat cushion.

To find arm depth, measure from the arm tip to its back. Measure arm width at its widest and narrowest points. For arm height, measure from top to bottom including down to where it meets the cushion base.

When measuring for skirt dimension, start from underseat cushion and go down to floor in center of furniture.

For an accurate back height measurement, take out the seat cushion and measure from furniture base to top. To get back overlay dimension, remove seat cushion and measure over back down to floor.
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